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First Weekend in February


The Knickerbocker Ice Festival, named after the company that harvested ice from Rock Lake in the early 1900s, and the Lake Mills Main Street Program will host a weekend full of indoor and outdoor events to connect Lake Mills with that icy past. It will be a fun day for all to enjoy winter events in Lake Mills!

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Eli has won Best Photographer in the Area the last three years! Check out his website for more information and to book your next session!

【ポイント最大16倍】送料無料 本物主義の方へ、川島セルコン 高級オーダーカーテン filo フォルビート SH9933~SH9940 filo縫製 オーダーカーテン 2.3倍ヒダ 【ポイント最大16倍】送料無料 本物主義の方へ、川島セルコン 高級オーダーレース filo レドンド FF4688 filo スタンダードオーダーレース 2倍ヒダ ヨコ使い

Are you interested in revitalizing and preserving the charm and heritage of Lake Mills? Simply help us at our next event!

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Don’t miss your chance to own an intriguing bit of Lake Mills history and lore! 45 pages, softcover, with original photography by Nicole Cooke Photography.


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